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Register Comwell Club and win gift vouchers for DKK. 5.000,- every month


If you wish to be registered as member, you simply click 'Yes please'.


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Why become a member of Comwell Club?

  • Membership is free of charge and you can deduct your 25 start-up points at your next stay.
  • As a member of Comwell Club, you accrue 5 per cent for each buy you do at a Comwell Hotel. This means when using 1000 DKK, you earn 50 points (50 DKK). Each point has a value of 1 DKK.
  • Get extra 10 per cent of the total amount when purchasing gift vouchers or put the points into your Comwell Club account - your choice. DKK 1000 = DKK 1100 giftvoucher or 100 points into your Club account.
  • Additionally you will as Comwell Club member, receive special offers for members only